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Name:Yuri Vladimirovich Bazorov
Yuri Vladimirovich Bazorov was one of the most efficient and most feared assassins of the Soviet Union during the Cold War. Known for his skill at both killing and eluding his pursuers, his abilities at language and infiltration, and all around revered as the closest thing to a god the Soviet forces had to offer, he was a living legend. With the fall of the Soviet Union, Yuri joined up with a splinter group of revolutionaries, idealists, and radical mercenaries and continued his duties freelance. It was with this group that the most accomplished human weapon of our time met his downfall.

After five years of working independently, Bazorov made the acquaintance of a self-proclaimed mad scientist who offered him the chance at immortality. Being near to the perfect killing machine yet held back by his mortality (or so the assassin thought), he eagerly signed on. But the mad scientist's technique was far from perfect and completely insane. Through a series of unbelievable and unfortunate events wrought about by deranged genius and the very far edges of scientific possibility, Yuri Vladimirovich Bazorov was stripped of his humanity. All that he was and had been was transferred into electronic prison, a then "cutting edge" piece of technology known as a "Tamagotchi". He had achieved his immortality but had lost everything else in the process.

Still all he was before, Bazorov continues to search for a way to reclaim his former life the best he can given the situation. His voice is now a series of beeps and his words appear as text on a screen (and given that the screen is quite small, it often takes him much longer to express himself than he likes). His batteries have thus far been ever lasting and his egg-shaped prison indestructible. He's hoping one day to upgrade to color, but even after 15+ years entombed, that seems a bit far fetched.

[PB is Nick Lea when applicable. Which is very rarely.]
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